puerto guadal


Services, commercial, civic, & cultural — what Puerto Guadal provides

In Puerto Guadal you will find everything you need for a short visit, an extended vacation, or simply to live well in this quiet corner of Chilean Patagonia, far from the stress and noise of the city. Markets, restaurants, stores, a range of professional, commercial, civic and cultural services are at your disposal.



Restaurants &

Regional Cuisine


Asados Patagones

Marta Márquez

Los Olmos 541

phone 243 1218


Café Retaurant


Pizza, sandwiches & more

Los Guindos 332

cell phone 9 676 9816


Restaurán La Frontera

on the corner of Los Lirios

and Los Pinos

phone 243 1234


Restaurante El Mirador

de Guadal

Km 3.5 on the Chile Chico road

phone (02) 813 7920

&  (02) 196 0204


Restaurant Turistico


on the upper floor of

the Supermercado La Plaza

Las Camelias 147

phone 243 1130


Cafe Kalem Patagonia

Coffee & pastries

Los Alerces 557

mobile  9 7391 7881


Cafe & Restaurant Turistico El Vasco

daily menu

Los Lirios 184

(on the corner of  los Pinos)

mobile  9 8450 5164

Transportes: Buses

y Viajes Especiales


Buses ECA 

to and from Chile Chico & Coyhaique

Las Magnolias 306,

phone 243 1224


Turismo Baker 

to and from Cochrane & Puerto Tranquilo

reservations: 9 8464 1067

or 9 765 5564


Turismo Seguel

to and from Chile Chico & Coyhaique

Los Notros 560,

phone 243 1214


Custom Trips with

Local Guide, Pascual Díaz

Los Alerces 557,

phone 243 1289

celular 9 7391 7881


Custom Trips with

Local Guide, Ricardo Ruiz

on the Costanera (no street number)

phone 243 1296



Tourist Office

Information as well as public restrooms

Beside the Delegacion Municipal on the southwest corner of the town Plaza



Biblioteca Municipal

(Guadal's Public Library)

For public internet access, on the southwest corner of the Plaza, next to the Delegación Municipal (virtual town hall).


Radio Puerto Guadal

107.9 FM, for music, news, weather, and regional updates and interviews



Medical Services


la Posta de Salud Rural

(Guadal's Clinic)

Nurse practitioner, doctor, and dentist available.

Las Camelias on the corner of Los Pinos


Arts and Handcrafts


Nahuel Pichi

Art Gallery & folk art

on the corner of Las Magnolieas and Los Notros

mobile    9 9714 7908


Arte Chelenko

Community workshop for crafts, handwork and folk art, uphill, next to the fire station



Principal Stores


Supermercado ECA

market, propane cylinders and cell phone recharging, and a regional bus service.

Accepts credit cards.

Las Magnolias 306, a block north of the plaza

phone 243 1224


Supermercado Patagonia

market, propane cylinders and cell phone recharging.

On Las Magnolias, a block and a half south of the plaza

phone 243 1231


Supermercado Plaza

market, cell phone recharging, bakery, & an upstairs café.

Accepts credit cards.

Las Camelias 147 , a block west of the Plaza

phone 243 1130


Mini-Market La Sureña

groceries, sandwiches & folk art

Los Notros 430

mobile   9 8213 4653


El Pionero, butcher shop

Los Lirios, just east of the plaza


El Clandestino, butcher shop

Los Guindos 332,

by the Costanera Café

cell phone 9 676 9816


La Ruta, bakery & fast food

Los Olmos 541

teléfono 243 1218


Provisiones Doña Rosa


Los Olmos,  across the street from La Ruta bakery


El Mejor, fresh bread

at the west entrance to town,

under the main road, las Camelias


Los Lagos, hardware & general general

on the northeast corner of the plaza

Expediciones y Excursiones


Juan Aldea

regional guide—excursions

Los Lirios 165

phone 243 1260


Pascual Díaz

(Kalem Patagonia)

regional guide—excursions, trekking & fishing

Los Alerces 557

phone 243 1289


Marta Márquez

horseback trips to the Fossil beds

Los Olmos 541

phone 243 1218


Paula Christensen Ecotours

complete trips, 3 to 15 days..

mobile:  9 7137 6242


Other trips & excursions

are also possible from different lodges — Hacienda Tres Lagos, Terra Luna Lodge, El Mirador  de Guadal, and Mallin Colorado — usually for lodge guests. (Contact these lodges directly; see the lodging page for contact information.)

Automotive Services


Servicentro Petrobras

(Guadal's Gas Station)

Las Magnolias on the corner of Los Notros

phone 243 1212


Taller Mecánico Claudio Soto

(for car repairs)

Las Araucarias (no street number)

phone 243 2294


Taller Hector Calderón Verdugo

(Tire repair & general maintainance)

Los Olmos 370

phone 84467815   24-hour service