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Attractions & Activities — what to do in Puerto Guadal

What to do in Puerto Guadal? What to see in Puerto Guadal?


So many discoveries are waiting for you. Among others...



From Puerto Guadal you can access splendid rivers for fly fishing as well as fishing with lures. Fish are also abundant in Lago General Carrera itself, especially around the "Desagüe," the lake's outlet into Lago Bertrand. Nearby Río Baker is internationally known for its fly fishing. Species include trout, landlocked salmon, and native pejerreyes. Distances from Puerto Guadal: to the , 18 Km, to Río Baker, 33 Km.

La Mina Escondida, (The Hidden Mine)

An interesting excursion from Puerto Guadal is a trip to this mine, abandoned in 1986 by the French mining company, la Empresa Minera del Plomo. The old mining instalations and machinery is still there that were used to mine deposits of lead, zinc and copper. Distance from Puerto Guadal, 2 hours.


Horseback Rides to the Fossil Beds

An excursion to an area that contains a great number of marine fossils, high in hills behind Puerto Guadal. One starts this trip driving to reach a zone of high lenga beech trees, and then continues on horseback (or hiking if you wish). The views out toward the lake and across to the Northern Ice Field and its peaks are spectacular. Approximately 7 hours. Distance from Puerto Guadal, 8 Km.


Cascadas Río Los Maquis (the Falls of the Maquis river)

Another nearby tourist attraction, well worth visiting, is the Cascade or Waterfall on the Maquis river, just east of town on the road to Chile Chico. There are multiple cascades as the river tumbles over steep cliffs and through dense coigüe and ñirre forests as it empties into Lago Carrera. Distance from Puerto Guadal, 5 Km.


Cuevas de Mármol (Marble Caves)

Just beyond the Maquis river and cascade, a steep point of rock juts out into the lake. At its base one finds the vein of pure marble that runs clear across Lago Carrera to Puerto Tranquilo and Puerto Sanchez on the northern side. Here there are several caves, carved by the action of waves flinging gravel against the cliffs. it is possible to visit these caves and cliffs, at low water periods during the colder months from July to October. Distance from Puerto Guadal, 6 Km.

Regional outings, a little farther from Puerto Guadal. . . . . . .

The Marble Cathedral & the Marble Chapel

The same vein of marble that forms the caves on the coast to the east of Puerto Guadal reappears on the other side of the lake, near the town of Puerto Tranquilo in spectacular formations known as the Marble Cathedral and the Marble Chapel—an area designated as a Nature Sanctuary by the Chilean Government. These formations and caverns can be visited all summer long, by boat, from Bahia Mansa, 5 Km. this side of Puerto Tranquilo. Approximately 45 minutes drive from Puerto Guadal.


La Confluencia

The Confluence of the Río Baker and the Río Nef

Taking the Carretera Austral south, one passes Lake Bertrand, and then drives along the stunning turquoise waters of the Río Baker. After around 15 Km. one reaches the Confluencia, a merging of two rivers, the Baker and the Nef, right where the Baker drops over a giant ledge of rock, forming a powerful and impressive cataract. An unforgettable spectacle. A perfect viewpoint is reached by a five or ten minute walk along an easy path from a marked parking spot on the road. An unforgettable spectacle. About an hour drive from Puerto Guadal


Valle Chacabuco,

The Future Patagonia National Park

30 minutes past the Confluencia, one can leave the Carretera Austral, branching off on an even narrower dirt road, the so-called "Entrada Baker" that leads to the Argentine border. This road takes one into and through the Chacabuco Valley, one of the last giant sheep estancias in Chilean Patagonia, that is now being patiently turned into a future National Park. Overgrazed lands restored, fences removed, and a state-of-the-art visitor infrastructure in the process of construction. This valley is classical Patagonia steppe country, home to herds of guanacos, southern cousins to the llamas of Peru and lots of condors. A very different landscape, worth a day trip from Puerto Guadal for sure.

Trips to the Glaciers . . .

From Puerto Guadal one can arrange terrific day trips to various glacier basins: above the Río Leones, where glaciers drop into a high lake. Or up the Exploradores river valley to access the glaciers below Cerro San Valentín, the highest summit in Patagonia. Another goal for trekkers and horseback excursions is the Lake Melinquina and its glacier of the same name which lie within the Laguna San Rafael National Park.Rafael.

In the town itself . . . . . . . . . . . . .

La Semana de Puerto Guadal

"Puerto Guadal Week"

During the month of February Puerto Guadal stages a week-long fiesta where one can watch Chilean style horse racing, and traditional games like La Taba. And lots of traditional Patagonian food to sample. Get the week's program at the Municipal office.


Local Handmade Products

Even though the town's principal commercial activity has always been raising cattle and sheep, there are also many local artisans who who work in wool, leather and wood. Also there are splendid locally produced jams and marmalades, honey, chocolates and liquors. Additionally one can buy fruits and vegetables cultivated by local ladies in their greenhouses. You can find more information at the Municipal office (or Delgación Municipal) on Los Notros street, at the corner of Los Lirios.